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When you can't be there...

K-9 Grandparents

Don't feel guilty about going on vacation. 

Rest easy knowing that your K-9 "kid(s)" is enjoying our home. 

-There is no kennel, cage or crate unless you prefer to have us use one. 

-Your "kid(s)" will have run of the house just as they do in your own home.  

-If your K-9 "kid(s)" watches TV on the couch, sleeps on your bed, or eats off a fork they will continue to do so with us.

-They will also have a secured, fenced backyard in which to play. 

They can stay for a day, a week, or more.  Pack their bag, food, toys, meds, and tooth brush and drop them off. 

We do not change diapers, your "kid(s)" must be potty (house) trained and friendly.